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Fallen Arches

What are fallen arches?

Fallen arches describe feet whereby the inside arch of the foot is flat. Fallen arches are completely normal in babies as the arch is filled with a layer of fat.

Fallen arches are also a completely normal developmental stage in toddlers.

From age five to six the arch begins to develop, if this does not happen treatment will depend on the cause, for example, if the flat foot is related to a neurological condition or developmental issue, this must be investigated.

Many children have fallen arches due to flexible joints and ligaments, often these children require no treatment, unless their fallen arches are causing pain or are affecting the way that they walk (e.g. repeatedly 'tripping').

Our podiatrists can help your child if they have fallen arches by assessing the mechanics of their leg and foot in order to establish the cause. If your child requires foot orthoses and/or exercises then this will be discussed in the session.

What causes fallen arches in children?

Fallen arches in children may be caused by:

  • Flexible joints
  • Neurological conditions; cerebral palsy, down syndrome
  • Developmental issues:
  • Tarsal coalition (fused bones)

What should I do if my child has fallen arches?

If your child has fallen arches and you are worried, or if you would simply like some more information, call our podiatrists who is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of foot and lower limb pathologies. Our podiatrists will devise a treatment plan if appropriate, or point you in the right direction if another professional is needed.

For more information about the services that are available or to book an assessment please call: 01698 267389 or text us on: 07985 687 770