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How PRP works?

How PRP Works to Repair Damaged Tissues?

Now that you understand what is PRP and its components, the question arises – Why use PRP when the body already has the tools to repair itself? What can PRP do differently when it is derived from blood that can heal naturally?

The PRP serum contains a concentration of the healing components. In fact, PRP has twice or up to 8 times the growth factors that normal plasma in the blood has. Thus, it has the potential to heal wounds quickly. Of course, the maximum concentration values can depend on three variables:

  • The basic level of platelets in each individual patient’s blood
  • The processes used by practitioners to formulate the serum including the speed of the rotations of the centrifugal device and the number of rotations.
  • Practitioners may use certain additives to activate the plasma and lower discomfort levels. These additives can influence the quality of the end serum.