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Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of many destructive inflammatory joint diseases that can affect people of any age. Unlike the more common Osteoarthritis, which increases in prevalence with age and is primarily "wear and tear" on joints, inflammatory arthritis can present due to genetic predisposition, following viral infection, or in some cases a cause cannot be found. These diseases also differ in pathogenesis as they are erosive in nature and attack the smooth cartilage surface, in many cases eventually causing severe joint damage and ultimately total destruction of the joint.

There have been great advances in the treatment of these diseases in recent years, particularly with the advent of Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARD's) and increasing awareness leading to earlier diagnosis. Often early intervention with DMARD's can retard or even stop the progression of the disease. Joints of the foot and ankle are frequently involved and may in fact be the primary manifestation of the disease. Early intervention by specialist Rheumatologists is necessary, but your Podiatrist also plays a valuable role.

Podiatrists can help people with Rheumatoid arthritis remain both mobile and comfortable. As staying mobile is an essential component of managing the disease process, having pain free feet is part of the big picture.

Treatment by our podiatrist may help to reduce the pain and symptoms associated with all types of arthritis. We have a wide variety of treatments and products to suit your budget.

  • Redistribute force from the forefoot (ball of the foot)
  • Help ease the pain associated with bunions and clawing/hammer toes
  • Cushion sensitive calluses and corns that form under the foot
  • Remove calluses and corns that form
  • Trim back thickened toenails and perform nail surgery if required
  • Help heal pressure ulcers or sores that won't heal on their own
  • Reduce strain from Achilles, plantar fascia (arch), ankle and toes
  • Supplement a loss of natural plantar foot padding
  • Improve structural alignment of heel, arch of forefoot

Our Podiatry Centres combine the latest technology with the highest standards of care available incorporating:

  • Full equipped surgical rooms for effective immediate treatment of corns, calluses, toenail problems and ulcer debridement.

  • In store and online product range to help alleviate pain and symptoms associated with your condition.

  • The latest clinically proven technology Low Level Laser Therapy in the fight against the pain and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Scientists at Dundee University concluded as part of a clinical trial that low level laser therapy could offer a cure for patients who suffer from arthritis.

During your treatment your Podiatrist can establish and comprehensively report if your condition has improved, stabilized or deteriorated. These reports are made available to you and other members of your health care team (i.e. General Practitioner or Medical Specialist Rheumatologist), so that they are kept up to date with your progress. Our podiatrist is a registered healthcare professional with a degree in BSc podiatric medicine.

call to book an appointment: 01698 267389, or text appointment or any questions you may have to: 07985 687 770