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Tip Toe Walking

What is tip toe walking?

Toe walking in children is a descriptive name given to a child that walks on the balls of their feet, this means that there is either no heel contact with the ground, or very little. Among children who are learning to walk toe walking is very common, and typically by the time a child reaches the age of two it will have disappeared. Children who continue to toe walk past the age of two should be checked to see if there is an underlying cause.

Podiatry can help your child if they toe walk by first establishing the cause, and then formulating an appropriate treatment plan or referral if and when necessary. The aim of treatment for toe walking is to get your child to walk with a normal heel to toe gait.

What causes tip toe walking in children?

Amongst toddlers toe walking is common, and a normal developmental stage, however, after the age of two a normal heel to toe gait should have begun. Children who toe walk past the age of two may have an underlying cause, for example:

  • Shortened calf muscles
  • Muscle dystrophies
  • Habit
  • Cerebral palsy

What would podiatry for toe walking involve?

A visit to Manchester Podiatry for a child that toe walks will first involve a thorough medical and social history. Following the history the podiatrists at Manchester Podiatry will then have a look at your child walking in order to analyse their gait, they will also assess your child's lower limb muscle and joint quality and range of motion. If necessary a neurological assessment will be carried out.

The assessments are all painless and are carried out in a child friendly environment, with a variety of visual aids and toys in order to make the experience as comfortable as possible for your child.

Once a diagnosis and cause for your child's toe walking have been established these will then be discussed with you, as will the most appropriate treatment options. The treatments offered by our podiatrists for toe walking include:

  • Orthoses
  • Exercises
  • Footwear review
  • Cushioning and padding
  • Hard skin removal from high pressure points
  • Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT, (reduce muscular pain, aids healing process)

What should I do if my child tip toe walks?

If your child toe walks and you are concerned call our Chiropodist and Podiatrist, who has over 11 years experience treating a wide variety of children's foot problems . The cause of your child's toe walking should be investigated so that an appropriate treatment plan can be put into place. Treatment for toe walking in children is dependent upon the cause, all of which will be discussed with you at the clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

For more information about the services that are available or to book an assessment please call: 01698 267389 or call or text us on: 07985 687 770

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