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Ingrown Toenail 

No Surgery Required

Nowadays ingrown toenails are no longer seen as frightening. Why? Because of BS Brace technology. With BS Brace’s unique treatment, the solution is devised accordingly!

Chronic curved and ingrown toenails are painful and can greatly affect ones enjoyment of life.

There is a wide variance in the severity of ingrown nails, and thus a wide range of treatment options. These range from simple warm salt water soaks, to nail packing, nail removal and in chronic, unstable cases surgical removal of the ingrown nails.

Ingrown toenails are often caused by genetic predispositions. However, ingrown toenails may also develop when toenail is not trimmed properly or when you wear inappropriate shoes. Ingrown nails are very painful and may get infected.

To avoid unpleasant surgical interventions, chiropodists and podiatrists offer many treatments for deformed or ingrown toenails. Corrective nail braces are medical devices, similar to dental braces which use tension to exert a change in tissues. The application of a custom nail brace takes only a few minutes, and can fully fix problems with your toenails. Within a certain time after application of nail braces, the treated nail is often completely straightened.

Corrective Ingrown Nail Braces

The active adhesive brace we use in the office is an innovative treatment for ingrown or involuted toenails. This treatment is suitable almost for everybody including kids and diabetics. This is an ideal treatment for patients whom surgery is not a good alternative, and simply those that wish to avoid surgery. With this simple method, you can often avoid surgical interventions. The results are visible in a short time and are generally completely painless.

The nail adhesive brace immediately adjusts to individual shapes of nails, and therefore helps to relief patients´ discomfort in a majority of cases. The application only takes about 10 minutes, and most experience zero discomfort. Another advantage, unlike surgery, is that this treatment does not bring any restrictions on your life. This means no days off work, sports or swimming.


Toenail Brace

This includes nail care plus ingrown toenail brace treatment for one small or large toenail.


Toenail Brace + Chiropody

Treatment includes full chiropody (hard skin, corns, nail care) treatment plus the application of one toenail brace.


Toenail + Gel Polish

Treatment includes toenail care, ingrown toenail brace application on one toenail plus gel polish applied to all nails.


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